Matthew R. DeMichiei, Psy.D.

Matthew R. DeMichiei, Psy.D.Matthew R. DeMichiei, Psy.D. is a registered Virginia Resident in Psychology who provides psychotherapy and psychological evaluation services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Dr. DeMichiei has developed a tailored, integrative approach to therapy, incorporating evidence-based elements of relational and experiential psychodynamic theory, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and family systems theory to meet clients’ individualized needs. He places strong emphasis on understanding clients’ unique identities, cultivating an egalitarian therapeutic relationship, and empowering clients’ sense of personal agency, both in and out of therapy.

Dr. DeMichiei has experience working with a wide range of presenting problems, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, behavioral problems, substance use, and difficulties related to identity, relationships, and adjustment to life changes. He is especially skilled in working with sexual and relational trauma, disordered personality, divorce, and issues related to gender and sexuality.

In his work with children and teenagers, Dr. DeMichiei is skilled at building rapport, focused on identifying and discussing each child’s and teenager’s individual interests and strengths. As an integrative therapist, he also works collaboratively with parents and other professionals to identify a strengths-based and skill building roadmap to help his clients achieve their goals. Likewise, with his adult clients, Dr. DeMichiei works from similar perspectives geared toward collaboration and building momentum.

Dr. DeMichiei completed his graduate education at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts, where he earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. He also received a master’s degree in professional psychology from William James College and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Allegheny College. Through his graduate training, Dr. DeMichiei gained experience practicing psychotherapy in a residential hospital school, a private practice, and a rape crisis center. He also conducted a variety of psychological evaluations, including school-based psychoeducational testing, pre-employment evaluations of public safety officers, and evaluations of children and families involved in the Boston Juvenile Court. Dr. DeMichiei completed an APA internship that included both clinical and forensic training. He received clinical training at the Lynn Community Health Center in Lynn, MA and forensic training at the Child and Family Evaluation Service, through William James College’s Center of Excellence for Children, Families, and the Law.