Family Therapy Services

It is rarely the case where an adult, child or teenager, presents for services without needing to address issues or concerns related to her or his environment. Whereas many difficulties related to the individuals ‘system,’ or environment, can be explored and addressed in individual psychotherapy, research clearly demonstrates that family psychotherapy can be a profound intervention that solidifies gains achieved by other individual interventions.

In family psychotherapy, the identified client works with her or his family members to address topics ranging from improving communication and conflict resolution skills, to establishing parenting plans for coping with the disruptive behaviors of children or teenagers.

CFA Associates are known for incorporating family psychotherapy as a part of a dynamic treatment plan. We are proud of the positive changes often produced in our clients over the course of this useful intervention. This intervention is often a key element of a successful treatment plan for children and teenagers, and an extremely useful tool for the adult client who desires to promote positive changes in her or his family.

For more information about family psychotherapy, please call
Dr. Steve Harner at 703-533-3930 and press extension 1 for new referrals. In doing so,
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