Crisis Intervention Services

CFA Associates are available to assist adults, teenagers, children and/or their families in crisis. In some circumstances an individual may be in crisis as evidenced by acute feelings of hopelessness, low-self esteem, depression or anxiety that may need more immediate attention than the standard referral procedure can accommodate. Moreover, some individuals may not be ‘acute enough,’ to warrant day -treatment or inpatient services but may still need intensive outpatient intervention to address their symptoms.

However, if you or someone you love or care about is in immediate crisis, please call 911 or take that individual to your nearest hospital emergency room.

For more information about any of the aforementioned Crisis Intervention services, please call Dr. Steve Harner at 703-533-3930 and press extension 1 for new referrals. In doing so, Dr. Harner will promptly receive your inquiry and will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible.