How much do your services cost?
Fees vary, depending on the CFA Associate you or your child may see; the services they provide and the extent of the assessment or intervention. Please call Dr. Steve Harner at 703-533-3930, extension 1 for more information about our standard fees and rates.

Can I receive reimbursement from my insurance company for CFA services?
Yes. Practically all of the clinical services provided by CFA clinicians are insurance reimbursable, and most of our clients receive reimbursement from their insurance carriers for services rendered by CFA clinicians.

How do I pay for services?
Payment by check is due at time of service. Please make checks payable to Steven M. Harner, Psy.D. CFA policies state that if a client or family has an account balance of two sessions, services will be suspended until the account is brought back to $0.00.

Are you a participating provider with any insurance carrier?
CFA Associates are fee-for-service, or “private pay,” providers. This means that we only accept our full fee for services, and do not accept any insurance allowable or reimbursed rate to clients as payment for our services. Whereas we are not a participating in-network provider for any insurance carrier, CFA clinicians may be available to complete Outpatient Treatment Records (OTR’s) or treatment plans as required by your insurance company for reimbursement. When completing OTR’s or other insurance related forms, clients are charged a pro-rated fee based on the clinicians regular session hour to complete such forms.

Why don’t you participate in any insurance or managed care program?
As a strengths-based and skill-building oriented practice, CFA Associates desires to identify and work with our clients’ strengths and aptitudes rather than to focus on diagnosing particular disorders or mental health conditions. This puts us at odds with some insurance carriers who require us to work from a more rigid, disease-based model of service delivery. Whereas we are trained and licensed to diagnosis and treat emotional and behavioral problems, we address such problems creatively and conceptualize interventions tailored to fit the client, and not necessarily employ the pathway a particular insurance company may mandate.

It is also important to note that insurance companies, at times, may require more information about an individual and family than may be needed to determine diagnosis of a particular condition. This demand for information may put our clients’ confidentiality at risk and may compromise trust in the working relationship. Moreover, the overhead required to maintain communication with insurance carriers, is cost-prohibitive.

CFA respects our clients’ self determination and chooses not to work with any particular insurance carrier. But we are willing—with our clients understanding and permission—to facilitate the exchange of any and all relevant clinical information needed for reimbursement from the insurance carrier to the client directly.